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They serve as brand touchpoints that create lasting impressions on customers and boost staff brand ambassadorship. And yet, uniforms can feel like an unnecessary expense – and at times, a headache.  Hloba Clothing can help. 

Hloba Clothing has a reliable track record of building lasting relationships with trust and honesty at the foundation.

Our clients are our main focus as we partner with them to build custom processes and solutions that meet their specific needs. We understand that different businesses require different kinds of support. And our responsive approaches to our clients’ needs ensure that we align ourselves with their vision and enhance their strengths. 

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A vertical uniform solution: from design, sourcing, manufacture, branding, to warehousing and distribution



  Design and planning of a wide range of garments and accessories

  Diverse manufacturing capabilities based in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

  Community employment through our subsidiary company

  Uniform fittings for the right fit

  Warehousing with local and international distribution capabilities

  Easy-to-use online ordering portal

  BBBEE Level 1 compliance

Why should you trust us with your corporate branding?

25 years' experience of tailor-making solutions, for a start.

We could tell you about the state-of-the-art software we use, or how experienced our pattern-making and design team are, or how we spot trends and turn them into fit-for-purpose corporate wear. But what really matters is that we are passionate about finding the right fit for your business, and it affects everything we do: from the way we manage each client's account, to the design and testing; pricing that fits budgets; manufacture and distribution; and most importantly, the planning and reporting.

Hloba Clothing finds the right fit every time.

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